City of Ottawa and Greenspace Alliance reach settlement on eco-corridors

Ottawa - The opening session of the Phase 2A OMB hearing  into the Ottawa urban boundary expansion took place on Monday January 30th, 2012. At the opening session the details of a last minute settlement between the City of Ottawa and Greenspace Alliance were announced by city lawyer Tim Marc and Greenspace Alliance representative Erwin [...]

School Outreach Campaign

Since the summer of 2011, members of SMH-CRC Inc. have taken over 200 elementary aged school children from Kanata North and Pinecrest area schools into the Beaver Pond Forest and areas near the Kizell Pond.  These field trips allow school children to see the beauty and power of mother nature first hand.  As children living in an [...]

Watergate - uncovering the truth behind water management and planning practices occurring in Ottawa’s west end


On November 17th, 2011 the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association (KBCA) presented “Watergate” a public forum on water, stormwater and wastewater management issues in Ottawa’s West End. Glen Cairn resident Faith Blacquiere, provided an excellent presentation outlining her perspectives on stormwater and wastewater management in Ottawa’s west end.  Faith’s experience has been gained through researching the causes [...]

Troubling findings in recently released environmental assessment

Citizens force city to release report After months of delays, the city of Ottawa has finally released the findings of a report into Phase 1 Existing Conditions for Shirley’s Brook & Watts Creek Water Diversion Environmental Assessment (EA) in Kanata. The assessment pertains to Urbandale and Richcraft’s controversial “KNL”  housing development in Kanata.The City of [...]

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