City of Ottawa Official Plan Review 2013

As you may already be aware, the City of Ottawa is currently undertaking an Official Plan Review. We are asking that you write to the members of Council any time but preferably before November 8. The final Official Plan Amendment will be tabled about six days before a special Planning Committee meeting which will be […]

Sacred Ceremony in the Beaver Pond Forest

On Saturday, October 19, 2013, at 5:00 PM, you’re invited to join the circle at the Kanata Beaver Pond to celebrate the life, the beauty, the magic, and the mystery of our unique South March Highlands as well as our interconnectedness with it and with each other. This sacred circle is led by Ron GrandeOurs […]

Panel Discussion on Natural Corridors - June 8th

On June 8, 2013, representatives from the National Capital Commission, Nature Conservancy, and City of Ottawa staff will be holding a public consultation and panel discussion at Hintonburg Community Centre, 1064 Wellington Street, at 10:00 a.m. to discuss the role of natural linkages as a critical component of Ottawa’s natural spaces. The panel discussion will […]

Land Adjacent to the South March Highlands Conservation Forest under threat

The forest is under threat again!!! As part of the on-going urban boundary expansion process, a sensitive area of land located south west of the city owned South March Highlands Conservation Forest  (known as Parcel #2) is being considered as possible developable land. The area is home to the threatened Banding’s turtle and other species. TODAY (June 27)  city council […]

STOP the unwarranted destruction of Ash Trees in Ottawa!

Are you aware that the City of Ottawa may be planning to cut down hundreds of ash trees on your street, in your neighbourhood and in your parks, as is happening in other areas of the city? Residents and community associations need to ask some hard questions about the City of Ottawa’s Emerald Ash Borer […]

Ottawa-wide groups confirm their on-going support for saving the South March Highlands.

In a clear sign of the growing momentum and community determination to save the South March Highlands, following the ward meeting on March 26th, the SMH-CRC Inc. organized a strategic planning meeting. The meeting was held on April 3rd 2012 and in addition to SMH-CRC members, several representatives from Ottawa-level environmental groups were in attendance […]

South March Highlands formally announced a finalist in Great Places in Canada Contest

As outlined in a recent news article  the South March Highlands is a finalist candidate in the Canadian Urban Institute “Great Places in Canada” contest. After months of nominating and voting for their favourite locations, Canadians today learned whether their top pick made it to the final round. More than 200,000 votes were received in the second Great Places in Canada contest. From […]

Turtles Turtles everywhere!!! Stormwater Management Woes Continue for Developers

Building upon community concerns about bad planning expressed at the January 26th, 2012 Kanata North Ward meeting, the most recent Ward meeting, held on March 26th, 2012, saw over 200 local residents and many members of the SMH-CRC attended. The meeting  focused on municipal planning and environmental issues related to the South March Highlands. The […]

City of Ottawa and Greenspace Alliance reach settlement on eco-corridors

Ottawa - The opening session of the Phase 2A OMB hearing  into the Ottawa urban boundary expansion took place on Monday January 30th, 2012. At the opening session the details of a last minute settlement between the City of Ottawa and Greenspace Alliance were announced by city lawyer Tim Marc and Greenspace Alliance representative Erwin […]

School Outreach Campaign

St Gabriels School

Since the summer of 2011, members of SMH-CRC Inc. have taken more than 200 elementary aged school children from Kanata North and Pinecrest area schools into the Beaver Pond Forest and areas near the Kizell Pond.  These field trips allow school children to see the beauty and power of mother nature first hand.  As children living in […]

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