In the Media

Media coverage on the South March Highlands.

  • February 9th, 2012 : Urban Boundary Expansion Threatens the South March Highlands,  Ottawa Citizen 
  • September 2011
  • July 29: Calendar captures images of South March Highlands (Tiffany Williams-Lepack. EMC)
  • July 22: Protection for animal habitats not covered by legislation, official says (Kate Jaimet, Ottawa Citizen)
  • July 22: Crowd told KNL must meet all conditions before clearing land (Tiffany Williams-Lepack, EMC)
  • July 22: Court date set on merits of case against the Terry Fox Drive extension (Tiffany Williams-Lepack, EMC)
  • July 22: MP’s presence found lacking in SMH battle (Karen Sinclair, letter EMC)
  • July 21: Letter tells developers to add 10-metre buffer to housing plan (Kate Jaimet, Ottawa Citizen)
  • July 16: No representation from developer at public meeting on South March Highlands (Sneh Duggal, Ottawa Citizen)
  • July 15: CBC Radio interview re: City’s public consultation meeting (MP3 format)
  • July 15: Developer says conditions met for South March Highlands project (Kate Jaimet, Ottawa Citizen)
  • July 15: MP explores options on South March Highlands (Tiffany Williams-Lepack, EMC)
  • July 14: Wilkinson tries to stop South March Highlands development plan with days to spare (Kate Jaimet, Ottawa Citizen)
  • July 12: City’s responds by not seeking deposit, case can now proceed more quickly (Kate Jaimet, Ottawa citizen)
  • July 7: City solicitor wants road’s opponents to put up fight cash (Kate jaimet, Ottaw Citizen)
  • July 1: Efforts to save Beaver Pond continue, Green Party leader Elizabeth May addresses crowd at rally (Tiffany Williams-Lepack, EMC)
  • July 1: Community, city working towards a positive solution for Beaver Pond Forest (Marianne Wilkinson, EMC)
  • June 23: Developer set to begin clearing trees July 19 (Joanne Chianello, with files from Kate Jaimet, Ottawa Citizen)
  • June 24: Group turns to courts in bid to stop Terry Fox extension (Tiffany Williams-Lepack, EMC)
  • June 22: Fear of competition pushes councillor to challenge heck of a deal for trees (Randall Denley, Ottawa Citizen)
  • June 22: Partnership agreeable to meeting, but stands by rules and commitments (Kate Jaimet, Ottawa citizen)
  • June 19: Citizens group taking city to court to stop Terry Fox Drive extension (Kate Jaimet, with files from Jennifer Pagliaro, Ottawa Citizen)
  • June 3: Green party leader urges Harper, Baird to intervene (Kate Jaimet, Ottawa Citizen)
  • May 27: Budget’s buried gold (Greg Weston, Toronto Sun)
  • May 16: Price to stop development would be high, Wilkinson admits (Kate Jaimet, Ottawa Citizen)


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