School Outreach Campaign

Since the summer of 2011, members of SMH-CRC Inc. have taken more than 200 elementary aged school children from Kanata North and Pinecrest area schools into the Beaver Pond Forest and areas near the Kizell Pond.  These field trips allow school children to see the beauty and power of mother nature first hand.  As children living in an urban setting, many have never been out to see nature’s wonders first hand.

These visits to the South March Highlands provide an excellent learning opportunity for the children and a “teachable moment” about the importance of always maintaining a balance between urban development and conserving our environment.  More school field trips are planned for 2012.  Discussions between SMH-CRC and the two school boards in Ottawa to expand the school outreach campaign have been very positive and in 2012 we expect to have many many more children visit the Kizell Pond and Beaver Forest areas.

If you are a teacher interested in participating please send us an email and we will gladly organize a field trip!

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