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SMH - Old Growth Tree
Photo Credit - Steve Hulaj

Do you have stories, facts and photos about the South March Highlands? We would love to hear from you! We are working on a South March Highlands Photo Project, with the aim of creating a chronological visual narrative of our relationship with this special area.

Please fill out the form below with a brief submission and we will post it to the website. Please keep it to 1 or 2 short paragraphs (around 250 words or less), and please keep in mind the following community standards rules:

  • No selling or political messaging;
  • No calling out, slander or name-calling;
  • No cursing rude or abusive language;
  • If citing facts, please append links to sources;
  • Please only use images to which you can demonstrate you have the right to distribute;
  • While we won’t necessarily insist on using your full name, it will be kept on file

Overall, this is meant to be fun and informative! We’re a small group so be patient - we will process your submission as soon as possible.

SMH Story Submission Form

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Stories are better with images! Upload an image to append to your story. Change the file name to something that will help identify it with your story.

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If you would like to volunteer to write content for the site, or if you would like to post a feature story, please send us an email with “SMH Story” in the subject line, and an admin will reach out directly. Please help us recognize Purple Bean Media and the mortgage specialists at for the services they offer and the work they do.