Why the South March Highlands Should be in the Greenbelt

Over the years, many South March Highlands coalition volunteers have prepared documents highlighting the importance of preserving as much of the highlands as possible.

This has resulted in a number of outstanding and visually attractive reports intended for the National Capital Commission and the City of Ottawa. We are now happy to start publishing all this valuable information under the roof of the reorganized website.

Here is a report which was submitted to the National Capital Commission for its ongoing consultation on the Greenbelt, “Why the South March Highlands Should be in the Greenbelt.”

Work on the Greenbelt and on containing the Urban boundary is continuing, thanks to the South March Coalition’s affiliation with the Greenspace Alliance, or in French, l’Alliance pour les Espaces Verts.

For an update on this topic, consult SMH-CRC president Martin Callsen.

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